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The Wildland Network is an open network which gives voice to wild land values in Britain. Networking brings people together to promote and explore environmental and human potential of wild land. The members of the Network are:

Those marked * have formed the Coordinating Group.

Adam Griffin

Laurence Wormald
Adrian Colston

Lawrence Trowbridge

Adrian Yallop

Mark Fisher*

Alan Featherstone Watson

Martin Spray
Alasdair Cameron Martin Varley

Alison Parfitt*

Michael Jeeves

Andrew Neale

Mick Green*

Annie Masson Mike Green
Caroline Corsie Mike Kinghan

Charles Morgan

Neil Mitchell
Charlie Burrell Nigel Goodman
Chris Curry Nigel Judson

Chris Layton

Nigel Lowthrop

Dan Puplett Paul Young

David Haley

Peter Carty

David Petty

Peter Cary

David Picken

Peter Parkes

David Russell

Peter Samson
Davie Black Peter Smith

Derek Gow

Peter Taylor*

Edward Holt

Peter Welsh

Edwin van Ek Philip Ashmole
Gail Cobbold

Rachel Yanik

Gareth Browning

Richard Minter*

Geoff Cartwright

Robert Taylor.

Graham Hunt Robert Macbeth

Hannah Pearce

Robert Macfarlane (Cambridge)

Hans Kampf

Robert Macfarlane (Northumberland)

Helen Shaw Roy Dennis

Hels Stathers

Sarah Manning
Hugh Chalmers

Simon Bates

Ian Alexander

Simon Webb

Jay Doyle

Sophie Lake

Jennifer Batty

Sophie Wynne Jones
Jeremy Barlow

Stanley Owen*

Jin Park

Stephen Trotter

Jocelyn Murgatroyd

Steve Carver*

Jules Pretty

Sue Plaxton

Katherine Redmond

Thomas Cavanagh
Keith Kirby

Toby Aykroyd*

Kenny Taylor

Tomas Remiarz

Kevin Skinner

Please contact the website administration if you wish to become a member of WN.