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Who is doing what and when

The Wildland Network happens entirely through voluntary effort. Funding is being sought for a part-time facilitator and for expenses, at least. Meanwhile offers of help are gladly received.

Timetable 05 - 06

July – October 2005

Topic Groups confirmed  with co-ordinator and members listed on web site
Topic Groups devise their own strategy and activity ready for April 06 launch of WN

Web site up and running.
Web site facilitators identified and ready
Doorkeeper for ‘Contact Us’ section of web site identified and ready
Approach agencies for funds for WN core activities (people identified for this at Leeds agree timing and sequence)

 Interim announcement prepared for media (low key approach to media at this early stage)
Lines to take’ on key issues agreed, for media questions – pending media activity
in Spring 2006

14 – 15 Oct:

Wild Ennerdale meeting and walk

Co-ordinating Group established
Topic Groups’ proposed strategy & activity discussed on 14 Oct pm

26 Oct:

Royal Geographical Soc talk by Frans Vera et al
Opportunity for WN members meet up

Oct – March 2006:

Co-ordinating Group considers progress and need for fine-tuning across WN activity
Compile web directory of Wildland projects in UK
Directory to include summary details, photo, contacts.

 Agree terms of partnership working with main partner bodies, where this is necessary.

Jan – March:

Steering group works on Strategy for launch announcements, media briefing, and launch activities

Topic Groups proposed strategy and activities confirmed, ready for April media briefing.

March 2006:

Co-ordinating group agrees Strategy for launch announcements, media briefing, and launch activities

Directory of projects finalised and put on web site

Journailsts given advance notice of April briefings and announcements, and several features (articles/radio/TV/web) prepared and prompted

Key people identified and primed to be interviewed about aspects of their work which illustrate WN’s objectives


Visit to OVP, Netherlands, and media briefing

Selection of media contacts invited to study visit, to do interviews in situ, and gather facts and ideas for reporting

Briefings and media announcements ready, with tailored versions for: media; environment sector; landowner sector; govt. bodies

Key people ready to be interviewed about aspects of their work which illustrate WN’s objectives

May - Sept:

Visit to Brecklands & Fenlands

Topic Groups begin work on their respective strategies and activities:  holding meetings, visits, commissioning and producing reports, influencing key audiences, etc.

Co-ordinating Group reviews progress and continues to do so on thee times a year basis.

Autumn 06

Possible conference: ‘Reawakening the Wild’ or other topic

Who is doing what

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Wildland Network website maintenance.



Mark Fisher


mark.fisher at



Wildland Network message board facilitation.



Peter Smith


wildland-network-owner at



Wildland Network contacts database.



Peter Taylor

C. Dymond

Katy Redmond

Peter Parkes



peter at

c.dymond at

redmond.katy at

parkesyorkroad at



Maintain list of projects on website and signpost.



Peter Taylor

Mark Fisher



peter at

mark.fisher at



Develop Wildland Network events and visits.



Peter Parkes

C. Dymond

G. A. Cartwright

Tomas Remiarz

Derek Gow



parkesyorkroad at

c.dymond at

g.a.cartwright at

tomasremiarz at

derekjgow at


Derek Gow organising Netherlands visit





C. Dymond

Stanley Owen



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stanley.owen at



Publicity, artwork



L. A. T.



lat at