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The Wildland Network has been set up to further the concepts and development of wildland in Britain. It encompasses a broad spectrum of approaches within an ethos of wilder land management that takes in natural forest regeneration, the creation of large core areas and inter-connecting corridors in both upland and lowland areas, the return of exterminated species, and the rewilding of rivers and coastal areas.

The Network operates as an open forum for the exchange of ideas and information. After two years of informal meetings, an inaugural gathering was held at Leeds University on 9 May, 2005 at which it was agreed to create a formal structure and to invite members. Anyone with an interest in wildland can join. There has been a large cross-section of interest from professional ecologists, land managers, government agencies, voluntary organisations and individuals. Following the first meeting, a set of primary objectives has been developed.

  • To promote the recognition and appreciation of wild land

  • To protect and conserve the qualities of wildness

  • To promote the establishment of complete ecosystems on a large scale, through research, advice, encouragement and education

These objectives will be reviewed regularly.

Follow this link for definitions of wildland - What is wildland?