The WN provides a forum for wide-ranging discussion on wildland and rewilding. To assist in this, a message board group has been set up with Yahoo. By subscribing to the group, you will receive emails of the latest postings to the group's message board, and can post messages yourself by sending an email to the group's message board. You can also view past postings to the message board and post messages by logging on to the group page on the Yahoo Groups website.


Membership of the message group is open to all and anyone can post a message.


You can subscribe to the message group in a number of ways:

  • The simplest way is to send a blank email to
  • You can join up on the wildland-network group page on the Yahoo Groups website. This method will ask you to register with Yahoo Groups, and you will have to provide a user name and a password. The advantage of registering is that you can have control over how you receive emails of the postings from the group's message board i.e. each one as they are posted, a daily digest of postings in one email, or you can forgo emails of the postings and instead read them online at the wildland-network group page. The wildland-network group page is at:

  • Use the automated subscription frame at the bottom of this page. An email will then be sent to you, inviting you to register for the group. PLEASE NOTE that when you use this method, you will have to use the <backpage> arrow of your web browser to get back to the WN website.


You can post a message on the board by sending an email to
Please note that email attachments are not permitted.

leaving the message board group

You can unsubscribe from the message group at any time by sending a blank email to

contacting the message board administrator

Send an email to


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Our thanks to Peter Smith, Chief Executive of the Wildwood Trust, for setting up the message board (