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Humans and Nature - Feb-March 2006

Wild AND natural?

The WN provides a forum for wide-ranging discussion on wildland and rewilding. To assist in this, a message board group has been set up with Yahoo. By subscribing to the group, you will receive emails of the latest postings to the group's message board, and can post messages yourself by sending an email to the group's message board. You can also view past postings to the message board and post messages by logging on to the group page on the Yahoo Groups website. Follow the link to the left to find out how to join the message board.

From time to time, some of the more interesting messages and active message board threads will be posted here.

Humans and Nature - Feb-March 2006

A wide ranging discussion, covering the place of humans in nature and looking forward to new forms of land use in Britain that give space to both wild nature and to a human land use that is complementary. Two strands - Vera's influence of wild herbivores and Peterken's future natural - come in for close scrutiny.

Wild AND natural? What do you think? - April 2007

Two words that mean so many things to different people. Here are one person's views.