Events in 2008

Wild, Free and Coming Back - the return of key species to Scotland: what? where? and how?

Events in 2007

The ecological consequences of wildling as a long term conservation strategy?

Making Wildland Pay

Events in 2006

Rewilding Middle England

Scary or what?

Wildland in Wales

Events in 2005

Wild Boar – welcome back?

Nature in Charge

Wildland in Britain

21st October 2008

Wild, Free and Coming Back - the return of key species to Scotland:

what? where? and how?

Conference and field trips hosted by the Wildland Network and Trees for Life at Findhorn, Forres, nr Inverness on 16th and 17th September 2008

A two day meeting held to examine the action required to achieve further reintroductions fo skey native species in Scotland. The event featured presentations, discussions, workshops, a photographic exhibition, displays, story-telling and optional field visist to Alladale, Glen Affrci and Carrifran. Read a report of the meeting here.


The Ecological Consequences of Wilding as a long term conservation strategy

British Ecological Society Conservation Ecology Special Interest Group held at Gregynog, Powys on 12th and 13th July 2007

A two day meeting held to discuss the ecological implications of wilding. Will ecosystems recover to a previous, richer state, move forward to a new state or simply stagnate and lose some current features? How ‘wild’ can ‘wildling’ be, or will there need to be intervention in systems, at least in establishment phases? Read a report of the meeting here.

Making Wildland Pay
A review of markets and enterprises from wild land and rewilding

12 & 13 April 2007, Knepp Estate

A two-day meeting hosted by WN and the Knepp Estate in West Sussex ( Participants learnt about the wildland project for the estate ‘where natural processes predominate and long term financial stability is achieved outside of a conventional agricultural framework’, as well as about other areas. The project is providing a baseline ecological and economic study for potential rewilding in the English lowlands. Read a report of the meeting here


Rewilding Middle England
Prospects for creating wild nature in lowland England

22 November 2006, Cropston, Leicestershire

A joint meeting hosted by WN and Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust to mark the new interest in wild nature, rewilding, and natural processes, focusing on prospects across lowland England. Read a report of the meeting here.

Scary or what?
What, where and how? - a workshop on reintroducing key species to Britain

 8th September 2006, Cirencester

A  joint meeting hosted by WN and BANC to look at the potential for reintroducing certain charismatic species and the consequences for wildlife and for people. Read a report of the meeting here.

Wildland in Wales
benefits, opportunities and examples

7, 8th April 2006, Machynlleth

A one day conference at Plas Dolguog, Machynlleth, looking at emerging ideas and opportunities for wildland in Wales, followed by a day of field trips that visited to areas with wildland qualities and were examples of restoration of natural habitats. A report of the meeting is posted here.

The post meeting media briefing can be read here.

Wild Boar – welcome back?

7th December 2005 at Nature in Art, Wallsworth Hall, nr Gloucester

A workshop to discuss the implications of feral wild boar, hosted by WN and BANC. The workshop was held in advance of the closing date of the DEFRA consultation on wild boar and thus was intended to be of help for those considering a response to the consultation. Read a report of the meeting here.

Nature in Charge – a review of UK Wildland projects

14th October 2005 University of Central Lancashire, Penrith Campus, Newton Rigg

Wild Ennerdale - seeing nature in charge

15th October 2005 Bowness Knott, Ennerdale

The second meeting of the Wildland Network was organised and hosted by the Wild Ennerdale project, a large-area initiative of wilder land management involving the National Trust, the Forestry Commission and United Utilities (a water company). The two-day event had a conference/workshop on the Friday, 14th Oct, to outline and discuss various wildland projects in the UK, followed the next day by a guided walk through the Wild Ennerdale project area. Read the report here.

Wildland in Britain - the new potential: A review of progress on achieving wilder landscapes

9th May 2005, University of Leeds

The morning session of speakers covered a broad spectrum of the practical reality of contemporary wildland. The themes raised were followed up through five workshops in the afternoon. The reports of the meeting can be found here.