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Information on UK badgers and the need for their protection.

Borders Forest Trust

A charity based in Jedburgh. Established in 1996 to develop and manage habitat restoration and community woodland projects in the south of Scotland, and to reverse the decline of woodlands and wild places. Wide range of projects, including Carrifran Wildwood and Tweed Rivers Heritage.

British Association of Nature Conservationists (BANC)

Publishes ECOS, the subscription journal of the Association. The journal contains independent comment and analysis on UK conservation. Often has articles on rewilding Britain.

British Wild Boar

Provides information and a forum for discussion and research about wild boar living wild in Britain. Promoting the re-introduction of the wild boar into Britain.

Butterfly Conservation

A charity based in Dorset, its purpose is to secure a lasting future for all native butterflies, moths and their habitats within the UK. Formed in 1968 as the British Butterfly Conservation Society. Range of project and species information.

Carrifran Wildwood

A project to rewood a 1600-acre valley in the hills between Moffat and Peebles in the Borders of Scotland.  In the last five years, the trust has been restoring woodland and heathland habitat. Tree planting is scheduled to end in 2007 and the trust then intend to let nature take over most of the management of the valley.

Community Woodlands Association

The CWA work with over 70 community woodland groups in Scotland giving support and advice on issues such as planning, obtaining land, setting up a committee, legal matters, biodiversity, fundraising, project management, access issues and insurance. Their meetings and newsletters keep communities in touch with what's going on regionally and nationally.

Council for National Parks

A charity that works to protect and enhance the National Parks of England and Wales, and areas that merit National Park status and promote understanding and quiet enjoyment of them for the benefit of all.

Countryside Council for Wales

The statutory nature conservation agency for Wales.

English Nature

Government agency that champions the conservation of wildlife and geology throughout England.

Flora of the Fells

A project, funded by English Nature and Friends of the Lake District, which raises awareness of the value of allowing natural processes a greater role in the running of the  upland landscape in Cumbria.

Forestry Commission

Responsible for forestry policy and management of public woodland throughout Great Britain

Grazing Animals Project

Exists to help land managers get the desired level of grazing on wildlife sites. They provide practical support to graziers, wildlife site managers and conservation advisors across the UK.

Grazing Networks

(Formerly Grazing in nature reserves)

A new site from Hans Kampf in Holland about grazing animals and ecological networks. Contains information about nature conservation (ecological networks) in Holland, some articles about the use of grazing animals in nature conservation, and pictures of grazing animals. See also the book Grazing Ecology and Forest History by Frans Vera.

Knepp Castle Estate

For Charlie Burrell, it became clear over the past ten years, that agriculture as the main purpose for the land of his estate was rapidly becoming a liability. In 2001, he entered into an agreement with DEFRA under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme to restore the old listed park immediately around his historic house. "Financially it was no more attractive to us than the old farming system, but the psychological benefits proved enormous and took us quite by surprise". Since then, he has looked for more opportunities for environmental restoration, aided by the advent of ‘single farm payments’ in 2004 – whereby subsidies are given for occupation rather than production of the land. He says "An ecological alternative to farming began to seem a viable and extremely attractive way forward for Knepp".

John Muir Trust

Conserves and protects wild places with their indigenous animals, plants and soils for the benefit of present and future generations, and in particular to renew wild places, where they have been damaged, by encouraging natural processes.

Joint Nature Conservation Committee (JNCC)

The JNCC provides wildlife advice to government, and undertakes national and international conservation work for the UK nature conservation agencies, including SNH. Useful links section which includes Earth Science sites.

Mammal Society

Protects British mammals. Fact sheet for each mammal.

Mammals Trust

Protecting UK native animals and their habitats.

Marine Conservation Society

Protection of the marine environment and its wildlife.


A charity based in Chudleigh, whose vision is to encourage areas of Dartmoor to return to forest wilderness. Produces trees for Moor Trees planting schemes and involves the local community wherever possible. Extensive programme of projects ranging from seed gathering and growing trees on various sites around Dartmoor, to training nursery co-ordinators and increasing the number of nursery sites.

National Trust

It's Enterprise Neptune programme has bought up and protects 700 mile of coastline. Major land owner and manages a range of rewilding projects, often in partnership with others.

National Trust for Scotland

Established in 1931 to protect architectural, scenic and historic features, including large areas of Scottish countryside. Has a wildland policy.

Non-timber Forest Products in Scotland  NEW

Information about non-timber harvests from Scottish woodlands, provided by Reforesting Scotland (see below). Scottish woodlands provide a wide range of such products, including wild and managed game, edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms, foliage, seeds, bark, resins, dyes and craft materials. Species and Product lists, history of use of non-timber harvests, and management and gathering information. All linked in to descriptions and locations of Scottish woods.

PAN Parks

The PAN (Protected Area Network) Parks Foundation is a non-profit organization, based in Hungary with funding from WWF Netherlands. Their prime objective is to form a network of self-regulating ecosystems with large carnivores and herbivores on a European wide scale. Through a certification system, the Foundation brings together the management of existing protected areas with their local sustainable tourism businesses in forming a PAN Park marketable for wildland tourism. A untouched core zone - an area of wilderness of at least 10,000 hectares  - is a key feature of all of the current eight PAN Parks.

People and Wildlife

Seeks to resolve conflicts between the needs of people and those of wildlife, and develop long-term, humane solutions. Conflict resolution manuals, an advisory service, noticeboard and bibliographic resources. A partnership between the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit and Born Free Foundation.


Carries out wild plant species and habitat conservation, and owns and manages nature reserves.

Reforesting Scotland

An Edinburgh based charity whose vision is to transform deforested Scotland back to a landscape with a mosaic of ecologically healthy and productive forests and well managed farmland. Twice-yearly journal and a membership newsletter. Information sheets on setting up a community woodland, native tree nursery, non-timber harvest products (fuelwood).

Scottish Beavers Network

An organisation promoting the re-introduction of the European beaver into Scotland.

Scottish Environment Link

The voice of Scotland's environment movement

Scottish Natural Heritage

The statutory conservation agency working for the care and protection of the natural beauty and wildlife of Scotland. Promoting access and enjoyment of it, and facilitating an understanding and appreciation of its value

Scottish Wildlands Group

Works to protect and conserve wild land throughout Scotland. Interesting newsletter articles.

Small Woods Association

A Shropshire-based charity, the SWA provides information to anyone wanting to conserve, plant, manage or harvest woods and trees. It acts as a focus for new bodies aiming to improve public awareness of the importance of woodlands and to stimulate or support local timber supply chains. Members include those with a general interest, local authorities,  foresters, owners, coppice workers, botanists, ecologists and timber technologists who all share their knowledge and experience to encourage the enhancement of woodlands and to maximise the rewards. Their downloadable Woodland Initiatives Handbook is excellent.

Tooth and Claw - living alongside Britain's predators 

An open forum on the issues surrounding our relationship with wild predators. The online survey is building a picture on how we really feel about Britain's predators, and why. The aim is to find more imaginative ways of bringing seemingly opposing human agendas together so that we can co-exist in the long term with species such as fox, hen harrier, sea eagle and potential re-introductions such as lynx. Case studies and species profiles.

Trees for Life

A charity located at Findhorn on the Moray Firth coast, whose main focus is to assist the natural regeneration of the Caledonian Forest. The forest once covered a large area of the Highlands of Scotland. Practical work began in 1989 and over 472,000 native trees have since been planted, and numerous areas have been protected with fenced exclosures so that natural regeneration of the trees can take place in the absence of overgrazing by deer. One of the partners in rewilding Glen Affric.

Wild About Britain

A website with a free online newspaper (British Nature Conservation Magazine), online forums for the wildlife community (over 300 members and many threads) and a gallery of UK nature photography. There is an encyclopaedia to British Wildlife, a listings directory for wildlife organisations and places, and a calendar of events, all of which are available for submissions to the website.

Wild Ennerdale

Developing Ennerdale Valley in the Lake District as a unique wild place allowing natural forces to become more dominant in the shaping of the landscape and the ecology and therefore providing an inspirational visitor experience

Wilderness Britain

The  record of a series of seminars, meetings and field trips held during 2001 that investigated the idea of wilderness in Britain. Culminated in a three-day conference of discussion groups, invited papers and keynote presentations from leading workers in the field. Economic and Social Research Council and the University of Leeds

Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

Wetland conservation charity.

Wildlife Trusts

A range of county-based charitable organisations that, amongst supporting wildlife education and activities, also own and manage nature reserves.

Wildlife and Countryside - DEFRA

Information about the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affair's work on the conservation of wildlife and landscape, and on countryside recreation.

Wildlife and Countryside Link

Brings together environmental voluntary organisations in the UK united by their common interest in the conservation and enjoyment of the natural and historic environment. Good links page

Wildwood Trust

A charity  committed to improving wildlife throughout the UK. Involved in conservation programs of many native species, such as the water vole, the hazel dormouse, the sand lizard, konik ponies, water shrew and the European beaver. Runs the Woodland Discovery Park (between Canterbury & Herne Bay) containing owls, otters, badgers, beavers, wild boar and wolves. Hoping to establish a large woodland nature reserve, managed by large browsing and grazing animals.

Wolf Trust

Promotes the reintroduction and recovery of wolves back to Britain in the Scottish Highlands.

Wolves and Humans Foundation

A registered UK charity working with people and communities to find practical solutions to the problems of co-existence with wolves, bears and lynx.

Woodland Trust

A conservation charity dedicated to the protection of UK native woodland heritage

Woods And Trees Under Threat

A joint initiative by the Woodland Trust and Ancient Tree Forum. A collection point for a comprehensive picture of where ancient woods and ancient trees are under threat so that help can be given to promote better protection of these habitats. Useful online mapping system that shows ancient woodland sites in the UK over 2ha in size, and those which are at threat. Provides a campaigning guide for action.