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Aims of the core activities:

  • To help people, organisations and policy makers understand the benefits of wild land and wild places.

  • To inspire people, organisations and policy makers to take action to achieve wild land and wild places.

  • To implement the objectives of the WN, as stated on the web site.

  • To directly influence the wilding of land and places, for its environmental and its human potential.

Specific tasks:

a. Web facilitator
Oversee the WN web site so that it portrays a live and dynamic body.

Ensure that news, events, publications, and case studies are up to date, and that the discussion threads have momentum. Ensure that the web facilities meet the needs of members. Prompt all subgroups to keep an active presence and help update the site. Web expertise would be required for this role.

b. Directly influence land
Influence government bodies, NGOs, institutions, and landowners, especially when they are pursuing activities on their land to promote the aims of the WN.

c.  Facilitating the Network
Facilitator role to connect people and create information flow within WN and beyond

d. Grow Network through Topic Groups

e. Study and debate the issues first hand
Develop a regular programme of workshops and study visits for WN members and potential members (c. three a year). These should reflect the scope of the WN's interests. These events should maximise opportunities for people to discuss and learn from activities which are putting into practice the aims of the WN.

f. Influencing, lobbying, and representation
Represent WN views at selective events, to promote and implement the WN's aims. These might include discussion and negotiation  with government bodies and NGOs;  meetings with communities, professional groups, and landowners; and influencing policy measures and legislation.

g. Collaborate with partner bodies
Keep in close dialogue with partner bodies in Britain and abroad who are fellow travellers, so that the WN can play a complementary and added value role, and can collaborate effectively.

h. Promotion and influencing through the media
Promote the WN and it aims in the media by conveying its views in carefully targeted news releases, interviews, letters and articles.

i. Influence legislation, policy, and other bodies' views
Respond to selective consultations from government bodies, trade and professional bodies and NGOs, when these have direct implications or opportunities for the WN's aims.

 j.  Directory of Wildland projects
Produce and review a directory of Wildland projects in UK, comprising summary info, web link, photo, and contact point.

k. Information and assessment tools
Use and promote relevant information and assessment tools, including mapping techniques, Quality of Life Assessment, and the like, as they are being devised, promoted, and used to help promote and implement the WN's aims.

l. Promote WN aims through poetry and the arts
Work with people and organisations who communicate the values of wild land, wild places and experience through poetry, arts and creativity and reflection.

m. Develop capacity where required
Develop the capacity for new strands of activity as signalled by the WNs' members, as endorsed by the Co-ordinating group.

n. Capturing and recording WNs activities, debate and advice
Record all that is done by and within the WN and relay to relevant audiences

o. Co-ordination
A co-ordinating group will keep in regular contact to oversee and drive the Network, ensure it is fulfilling its aims, and manage any contractors or staff. They will meet at least 3 times a year, including in conjunction with other events when members are gathering.