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The Coordinating Group will will meet as required, but at least every quarter, with probably more meetings to start with. The Group will:

  • develop and act on a plan for fundraising based on informal approaches already made to agencies

  • set up the WN's ability to handle money i.e. receive funds - this will mean deciding on an entity / structure for the WN

  • take tactical decisions about what the WN does ie. how we grow

  • liaise / link with the WN topic groups

  • decide on the offer of linking / merging / making use of the Wildland Information Network

The Coordinating Group will champion and work through the web site (as the main tool of WN communication). Ideally, the Coordinating Group will need 5 - 10 people to share the work.

It is hoped that a Coordinating Group will enable the Topic Groups and any other groupings to get on with their particular contribution - and generally make the whole WN greater than the sum of the parts.

Alison Parfitt, Mark Fisher, Mick Green, Stanley Owen, Rick Minter, Toby Aykroyd and Steve Carver

The Coordinating Group will review its membership and effectiveness after a year.