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A WN Advisory Group is being set up. These will be people whose advice is offered and valued, and who may not have the time to be as closely involved as with the Coordinating Group. How an Advisory Group will contribute will be decided in due course.

Nominations to the Advisory Group can be emailed to the WN. Nominations have been received so far from:

Dr Sophie Lake
UK Co-ordinator, Grazing Animals Project
As so many projects talk about using herbivores, GAP would like to help disseminate information on the use of herbivores in these situations, and glean and share further experience.

Tomas Remiarz
Treeresponsibility, Calder Valley, West Yorks
Community-based, semi-upland woodland regeneration and woodland corridors.

Keith Kirby
Terrestrial Wildlife Team,English Nature
Conservation issues on forestry from both a science and policy perspective.

Derek Gow
Re-introductions of native wild species, such as beaver.

Adam Griffin
Co-founder and Wildwoods Service Manager for Moor Trees, a charity promoting the restoration of wild, native woodlands in and around the Dartmoor national park.

Hans Kampf
Senior policy advisor, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Department of Knowledge, Holland.

John Muir Trust
The primary policy and object of the John Muir Trust is to conserve and protect wild places with their indigenous animals, plants and soils for the benefit of present and future generations. Contact: Dave Picken.

Peter Taylor
An independent consultant specialising in environmental policy. He leads the communications consultancy Ethos.

Charles Morgan
Conservation Officer for Brecknock Wildlife Trust, Chair of Conservation Officers Wales(  Conservation Officers of the 6 Welsh Wildlife Trusts) and Secretary of Pori Natur a Threftadaeth -The Welsh Grazing Animals Project.