Project Name

Glen Finglas and Milton The Return of the Forest



Current land designations

Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park; River Teith SAC; 2 small marsh/mire SSSIs

Specific location

Trossachs, near Callander, Stirling

Year rewilding started

Glen Finglas 1998
Milton 2005

New strategy begun 2006

Grid reference

Glen Finglas centre point NN 521 108
Milton centre point NN 570 080


Latitude:56 15 75  Longitude: 04 24 66


Minimum: 80m Maximum: 879m

Project Management

Ownership: The Woodland Trust

Management: The Woodland Trust

Area under rewilding (hectares)

Glen Finglas: 4085ha
Milton: 777ha

Total = 4862ha

Project funding

Woodland Trust; Forestry Commission; Heritage Lottery Fund; European Rural Development Fund; BP through the Scottish Forest Alliance project; Scottish Natural Heritage

Rewilding methods

Initially livestock and deer removed from two large areas where new native woodland is being established by natural regeneration and planting. Domestic livestock were removed from remnants of ancient woodland and scattered veteran trees, and the numbers of deer (red & roe), sheep (blackface) and cattle (Luing) reduced across the estate to encourage natural regeneration of woodland. Conifer plantation felled and being regenerated as native woodland.

Now gradually moving to an extensive system in which much reduced numbers of sheep and cattle along with wild red and roe deer will be allowed to graze freely throughout the two adjacent sites.

Habitats present

Upland wood pasture with many veteran trees

Heath, unimproved grassland, bog, marsh, mire, semi-improved grassland, semi-natural woodland

Target species


Species reintroductions


Access to the area

Open public access and variety of trails

Links to further information

Glen Finglas website

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