Quarry to become wildlife haven
BBC News Online 21 December 2006

Wolves' return is a real howler
Daily Post 21 December 2006

Farmer fined for pollution death of fish
EDP 24, 21 December 2006

Last chance for wild water voles
Environment Agency Press release 180/12, 11 December 2006

National Park plan goes to minister for approval
Cairngorms NPA 11 December 2006

Reclaim green belts as Ďeco-beltsí
Town & Country Planning Association 5 December 2006

Protecting the land that matters most
HM Treasury & DCLG Press Notice 5 December 2006


Quarries offer key to wildlife recovery
RSPB Public Relations Department 30 November 2006

Key role for farmers on climate change
Natural England 29 November 2006

Livestock a major threat to environment
FAO Rome 29 November 2006

Report card warns of climate change impacts now present throughout our seas
Defra Press release 509/06 29 November 2006

Wildlife feels the heat too
Wildlife Trusts 29 November, 2006

Natural England welcomes ratification of European Landscape Convention
Natural England 21 November 2006

EU parliament wants members to adopt marine protection plans
EU business 14 November 2006

Controversy as wild-goat cull begins to protect gardens and national park
Guardian 13 November & icWales 14 November 2006

A 'natural' health service
Natural England 8 November 2006

England's biodiversity: progress report
DEFRA News release Ref: 471/06 2 November 2006


New guidance to help plant native trees
FC Scotland News Release No 8623, 26 October 2006

CPRE publish tranquillity map for England
CPRE Press release, 23 October 2006

Breeding area for rare dolphins found off Llyn Peninsula
CCW Press release 18 October 2006

Deer catered for on New Forest lawns
Forestry Commission News Release No: 8831,13 October 2006

Natural England declares Dovedale a new National Nature Reserve
Natural England press release & BBC Online News, 13 October 2006

Perthshire farmer admits polluting local river
Scottish Environment Protection Agency press release & The Scotsman - 13 Oct 2006

Coastal and Marine National Park
Scottish Executive News 11 October 2006

New champion for the environment launches
Natural England press release 11 October 2006

Quiet green revolution in Scotland's new forestry strategy
Forestry Commission Scotland news release No: 8759, 9 October 2006

New reserve for SWT
Scottish Wildlife Trust Press Release, 2 October 2006

New biodiversity duty on all public bodies
Defra 1 October 2006


RSPB rejects call to lobby against windfarm scheme
Shetland Today, 29 September 2006

Environment Agency breaches flood defences to manage flooding
EA News, 25 September 2006

Breckland to have greater protection for rare bird habitat
Defra, 21 September 2006

Hunter pays £3,400 on to shoot boar
this is Gloucestershire, 21 September 2006

Official opening of largest flood storage and habitat creation scheme in Europe
EA PR149/06, 20 September 2006

Ramblersí Association Calls For Renewables Rethink
RA Press Release,18 September 2006

Bring back our bears and wolves
Western Mail, 7 Sept 2006

Isle of Man's first Internationally-recognised Wetland named
Defra, 6 September 2006  


Gardiner sets out wild deer control improvements
Defra News 29 August 2006

Interactive map of UK renewable energy locations goes live
DTI Press release P/2006/192, 26 August 2006

New measures to protect marine environment
Defra Press Release Ref: 389/06, 24 August 2006

First site to be designated to protect water voles declared in Kent
English Nature Press Release 16 August 2006

Protected bears to be culled
Times August 12, 2006

Village campaign secures woodland
BBC News 8 August 2006

More big cats are spotted outside town
Paisley Daily Express 8 August 2006

Crayfish rescue bid by Environment Agency
EA News 136/06 8 August 2006

Did a cow eat the rare Ulster orchid found only 14 times in 110 years?
Belfast Telegraph 7 August 2006

Invader turns to 'killer' on riverbank
Telegraph and Argus 4 August 2006

How hunters ended up in the cross hairs for their plans to kill Bambi
Times 3 August 2006


SPOTting Welsh wild life
News Wales, 28 July 2006

New wildlife agency in jeopardy after cutbacks
Independent, 27 July 2006

£49,900 lottery grant for nature reserve
EDP24, 27 July 2006

Branching out: grants on offer to create 1,000 acres of new woodland
Forestry Commission News Release
No: 8678, 25 July 2006

Wild bees and the flowers they pollinate are disappearing together
University of Leeds Press Release, 21 July 2006

Tiger habitat down from just a decade ago
WWF Press Release, 20 July 2006

Heathland fire consuming Surrey nature reserve
English Nature Press Release 15 July 2006

UK's largest man-made wetland created in Essex
Defra News Release Ref: 296/06 4 July 2006

Italy wants Bruno the bear's body
Times 3 July 2006


Boost for vanishing water vole
Community Newswire 30 June 2006

Rare species at risk as foxes take over final hiding place
Times 29 June 2006

Bruno the elusive bear is shot after seven-week chase
Times 27 June 2006

Oil leak at derelict sewerage farm puts wildlife at risk
Times 26 June 2006

Marine animals are given biggest playground as Bush turns greener
Times 16 June 2006

Myth that Green Protection Hits Economy, UNEP Says
Environmental Network News 16 June 2006

Poisoned golden eagle police plea
BBC online news 16 June 2006

Reptiles and rocks top conservation league table
JNCC News Release 0606/01, 15 Jun 2006

Sights are set on grey squirrel cull
Sunday Times 4 June 2006

£1m to go wild improving park
Blackburn Citizen 3 June 2006


Ecosystems With Many Plant Species Produce More and Survive Threats Better
Space and Earth Science News,, 31 May 2006

Survival of lions threatened by the tribal delinquents who kill for pride
Times 30 May 2006

Wild boar consultation analysis of responses published
DEFRA news release Ref: 239/06, 29 May 2006

Rural revolt over 'right to roam' coastline
Times 27 May 2006

States not putting out welcome mat for Florida panthers
Naples (Fla.) News: 26 May 2006

Rare bear ends brief German stay
BBC News Online
23 May 2006

Aerobic raptors claw their way back
Times 19 May 2006

Gardiner launches forestry review
DEFRA Press release Ref: 212/06, 12 May 2006

Protest as bears go back in wild
Times 10 May 2006


Bear set free in secret to go wild in the country
Times, 26 April 2006

Get active in our urban woodlands
DEFRA Press Release Ref: 172/06, 24 April 2006

Climate change forces plants to search for better places to live
The Guardian 24 April 2006

Scotland's spectacular birds
Courier, 22 April 2006

CNPA objects to mega pylons in national park
21 April 2006

Scotlandís electrical storm
Sunday Times, 16 April 2006

Birth of two Iberian lynxes boosts imperiled wild cat
Independent, 14 April 2006 and WWF press release 13 April 2006

Shaping the Future of the Cairngorms National Park
Cairngorms National Park Authority, 11 April 2006

New guidance will protect and promote Local Sites
DEFRA News Release Ref: 164/06: 10 April 2006


Bison beefing up for flight to new life in the Ice Age
The Times 30th March 2006

New website opens the door to access to the MoD estate
Defence News: MoD, 21 March 2006

Big cats 'are a common sight in the countryside'
The Times 16 March 2006

Farmers insist rare bears get off their land
The Times 15 March 2006

EU development funding threatens lynx, bears
Reuters, 3 March 2006

England's butterflies "increasingly at risk"
DEFRA 2nd March 2006

Ministers refuse Whinash wind farm application
Department of Trade and Industry Press Release P/2006/056, 2 March 06

Forests earmarked for new crofts
The Herald, 1 March 2006


Juniper's fight for survival
Daily Post, Feb 28 2006

Wild boar hunting may return to Britain
Daily Telegraph, 27 February 2006

The kindest cut - sycamores removed to protect wild service trees
This is Nottingham, 27 February 2006

UK signs European Landscape Convention
Government News Network, . 24 February 2006

Sheriff rules boars 'not so wild'
BBC News Online, 23 February 2006

Tagging Study will show if seals are eating Scotland's salmon
The Times, 13th February 2006

Shooters put cats, eagles, otters on list of rural pests
The Times February 06, 2006

As England parches, 50-year wetland vision heralds a new dawn
Environment Agency Press Release, 2 February 2006


Wind farms condemned as eagles fall prey to turbines
The Times, January 28 2006

The hills are alive with human ashes
The Daily Record, 26 January 2006

Wind farm backer is ex-National Trust boss
The Scotsman 23 January 2003

Woodland managers plan for climate change
Defra Press Release, 13 January 2006

Can the wild animals of our past make poverty history for farmers?
Daily Post, 11 January 2006

Wild boar piglets are sighted on edge of moor
Western Morning News, 7 January 2006

Windfarms planning row
Renewable Energy Forum press release, 5 January 2006
Western Morning News, 6 January 2006

European Beaver - Friend Or Foe To Welsh Farmers?
NFU Wales, 6 January 2006

Boars go wild in Devon
The Times, 23 December 2005, 4th, 5th January 2006